Olympion sunset resort by the pool

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Our company Olympion SA was founded by in 2004 by Mr. Antonis Doudos, the father of the Doudos Family.

After a successful carreer in the the industry sector, Mr. Doudos decided to leave the industrial sector and focus on what he though would be a new sector on the rise, namely Tourism. And that’s exactly what he did. He did just not know how to build it and how to run it. Thats when he turned to his son Kostas and daughter Eleni Doudos, who also believed in the magic of tourism.  And so it starts…

Olympion Sunset

The first Hotel began its construction in 2005 at a property land owned by the family. Its first phase of construction finished in 2007, with 40 new rooms. The following year, the neighboring property was bought and the hotel extended to a total of 61 rooms in 2009. Its name is OLYMPION SUNSET.

Olympion sunset by the pool
The perfect accomondation on olympion sunset resort
Luxuxrious bed on olympion sunset

The name was inspired by Kostas Doudos, who wanted a name representative of the newly build hotel. The day of epiphany & inspiration was a cold winter evening 2005 during the construction phase of the hotel. The 3rd floor had just been built and he climbed to the roof into magnificent views of the Sun setting behind Mt. Olympus. The name was here. Olympion Sunset.

The clearest name that could exist, for a hotel designed & constructed with the soul of 2 humans, Antonis & Kostas Doudos.


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